Sisters Baking Company Story

Jen is a nutritionist. Jamie is a pastry chef. Imagine what happens when this sister rivalry comes together- OH YES.

We created a completely addictive snack that is a healthy indulgence. Granola plus caramel crunch equals OMG! This stuff is AWESOME!

Yes. People stop us on the street and actually tell us that. Our customers hide their stash from their children. They use decoy bags. They hide them from themselves. They send their husbands pictures of an empty bag, saying “We need more”.

Here’s how it happened. Jamie needed a job so she pulled Jen into a crazy scheme to bake pastries for coffee shops. Three years later they stumbled upon this idea to make Granola Bark. Instead of making it the easy way, they took the hard way and used the very best ingredients and made it by hand. Goodbye pastries- we’re making extremely addictive crunchy granola bark! Ahem, I mean, healthy granola bites. Crunchy slabs of sweet and salty granola goodness…

It really doesn’t matter what you call it- You’re Gonna Want Some of This!