About Us

We hope that our dedication to excellence in baking will make your day just a little more AWESOME!

Sisters Baking Mission Statement: Working hard every day to craft a product of excellence to enrich the lives of those around us.

Your product is only as good as the ingredients you use.

We only use the highest quality non-gmo nuts, seeds, cranberries, gluten free oats, pure cream and butter from local Washington cows and lovely raw honey. Then we lovingly combine these into the treat that you can’t get enough of. We source pure cream without any additives or stabilizers, we only use organic vitamin E oil to help keep Rain City Crunch fresh until it can get to you, and pure cane sugar to make that delicious caramel taste.

While we agree, too much refined sugar is not great for us, we cannot make that amazing caramel taste without sugar, so eat in moderation if this concerns you. Granola Bark is amazing- you should just eat it because it tastes good.